Fresh & Frozen Pasta


Frozen Pasta

Cannelloni Spinach & Ricotta Large & Small – Marchioni
Cannelloni Spinach & Ricotta Large & Small – La Pasteria
Gnocchi Homemade 1kgx10
Gnocchi Italiani 500gr x 12
Gnocchi di Casa Maruzza 1kgx10
Lasagna Beef Large & Small – Marchioni
Lasagna Eggplant Large & Small – Marchioni
Lasagna Vegetable Large & Small – Marchioni
Lasagna Sheets Large & Small – Marchioni
Lasagna sheet Napoli Basil 10x1kg
Lasagna sheet Napoli Spinach 10x1kg
Ravioli Meat 500gr – Pozza
Ravioli Beef 500gr – Marchioni
Ravioli Rocket & prosciutto 1kg/500gr – La Pasteria
Ravioli Porcini 1kg/500gr – La Pasteria
Ravioli Pumpkin 1kg/500gr – La Pasteria
Ravioli Spinaci&ricotta 1kg/500gr – La Pasteria
Ravioli Spinaci&ricotta 1kg – Italiani
Ravioli Smoked Salmon 1kg/500gr – La Pasteria
Raviolini 500gr – Pozza
Tortellini Beef 500gr – Marchioni
Tortellini Meat 500gr – La Pasteria
Tortellini Green 500gr – Pozza
Tortellini Meat 500gr – Pozza
Tortellini Chicken 500gr – Pozza



Ciambelle Maxi
Krappen Chocolate
Krappen Chocolate Mini
Krappen Cream
Krappen Cream Mini
Sfogliatelle Napoletane
Sfogliatine Mini

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Italian Fresh pasta

Calamarata – Lisa
Paccheri – Lisa
Scialatielli – Lisa
Spaghetti alla chitarra – Lisa
Maccheroni al ferro – Lisa
Tagliatelle – Lisa

caffe moreno
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